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Fall Membership Meeting, November 10 - 12, 2006
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AHS Director Wayne & Sharon Cameron, Space City Chapter, Bandera TX

AHS Executive Secretary Val Longson & AHS Treasurer Walter Bisselle, Gulf Coast Chapter

Clovis & Joyce Melebeck, Space City

Jean & Jim Gedicke, New Orleans

Janice McNatt, Lone Star, Pearland TX

Karla Holmes, James Hendry, Ft. Myers FL

Jim & Carolyn McCarroll, New Orleans

Jack & Mattie Hudson, Red Stick

AHS Director Fred & Connie Roush, Sunset, St. Petersburg FL

Doug & Lou Trahan, Acadiana, Lafayette LA

Gwen Williams, Acadiana

Julie Haak, Acadiana

Dee & Bill Adams, Acadiana

Hunter Monsor & grandmama' Julliette Fraser-Salter, Red Stick

Tom Miller, Sunset, Clearwater FL

Dr. David Tate, Kaplan LA, a member of all the Louisiana Chapters

Carolyn Cormier-Stoute, Acadiana and Red Stick

Sandra & Gary Theall, Abbeville LA, Acadiana

Katie & Tommie Stout, Acadiana

Leo & Barbara Satchez, Acadiana

Phyllis Boudreaux & Bonnie Schoeffler, Acadiana

Sunset Chapter President Don Mixon & Kathy Grandoff, Wesley Chapel FL

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