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Fall Membership Meeting
November 10 - 12, 2006
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Visit to Dupont Nursery 11/12/06

Jeanette Elliff, Karla Holmes & George Elliff admire one of Bobby Dupont's new seedlings

Hoochie Coochie is a new seedling with Pride of Hankins as a parent

Nathan Richey and Pat Merritt surrounded by hibiscus plants

Poinsettias ready for shipment

A new seedling suitable for hanging basket culture:  Canary Yellow

Kids in a candy store

Don Mixon with Cajun Two-Step

Father Bob Gerlich is Bobby Dupont's hybridizing partner

Bobby Dupont explains part of his operation

Potting machine

Bobby with a new seedling

Bob Gerlich identifies some seedlings

More beautiful hibiscus plants

Red Stick members Linda Turner & Pauline Robertson

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